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VirusZero - Germicide Developed With Nanotechnology for the First Time in India

VirusZero ISO 9001: 2015 certified research labs and manufacturing unit have indigenously developed the most powerful germicide from seven years of research with nanotechnology, first of its kind in India - VirusZero.

VirusZero has 2 products, the first is VirusZero SPRAY first of its kind 100% alcohol-free germicide.

Silver & Copper are the most powerful antimicrobial agents on earth and was used by our ancestors in different forms including ornaments, serving and storing utensils etc, to protect humans from various kinds of germs. 

VirusZero SPRAY contains Nano Silver and Nano Copper which protects humans from all kinds of germs.

VirusZero SPRAY is a concentrate and 10 ml of VirusZero SPRAY needs to be diluted with 1 litre of RO / Mineral / Distilled water. The mixed solution can be used to spray on entrances, gates, doors, stairways, all packaged products, water cans, gas cylinders, walls, mob the floor, fabrics, furniture, water-resistant appliances etc.

VirusZero SPRAY is water-based and non-toxic on human and pets and does not carry any foul smell and protects the sprayed areas for 24 hours from all kinds of germs. VirusZero SPRAY can be used as a Germicide to spray on surfaces and Hand Sanitizer as well.

1 Litre of VirusZero SPRAY can effectively produce 100 Litres of Germicide and Hand Sanitizer which makes VirusZero the most cost-effective Germicide.

VirusZero COAT is yet another state of art Surface Germicide developed with nanotechnology which when coated on any surface protects the surface continuously 24 X 7 X 365 Days. The coated surface prevents further growth of the 

germs and prevents the coated surface from becoming the medium of transmission of germs for a year.

VirusZero COAT contains nanoTiO2 which protects the coated surface continuously and is completely non-toxic on humans and pet friendly. VirusZero COAT can be coated on metals, wood, ceramics, fabrics, walls, glass, water-resistant appliances, etc with a simple electric spray gun.

1 Litre of VirusZero COAT can be used to apply on 1000 square feet of surface areas which makes VirusZero COAT the one and only and most cost-effective surface Germicide.

You may buy VirusZero SPRAY & VirusZero COAT from and visit website for pricing and contact detail.