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TeamViewer extends its IoT solutions to everyone at free of cost

TeamViewer, a leading global provider of secure remote access and remote control solutions, is making all functions of its Internet of Things (IoT) solution available free of charge for up to two IoT endpoints. 

The company is expanding its vision of enabling connectivity to all types of devices anytime, anywhere to the Internet of Things.

TeamViewer Supported systems:

TeamViewer provides free access to up to two IoT endpoints, which are for example industrial computers and machinery, digital signage devices, POS devices and vehicles. But they are not limited to these.

TeamViewer IoT is ready for direct connection to Dell gateways, Raspberry Pis and BeagleBone Blacks. In general, a connection can be established to any endpoint running a Debian or Red Head Linux distribution, a partition of Linux Raspberry Pi, Windows, and soon Android operating system.

If production stands still:

In the corporate world, TeamViewer IoT can be used for a wide range of application scenarios across all industries, for example in manufacturing, heavy industry, process industry and agriculture. Production machine manufacturers can thus access their customers’ devices from anywhere in the world in case of problems.

This enables fast and efficient troubleshooting and saves costs for both parties. TeamViewer IoT can also be used to monitor device parameters, such as temperature, fill levels or any custom sensor data, and send alerts in case of deviations.

TeamViewer IoT can then automatically trigger pre-defined actions, enable remote access, and remote management of those devices to keep them running.

TeamViewer for Remote Control can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple store as app for smartphones or tabs etc.

What is TeamViewer?
It is a remote control app that operates a computer remotely if you're in need of technical assistance. All are IoT things.

How does the TeamViewer work?
Once you downloaded it and run the program, it will prompt you some basic friendly guidelines and then you can contact the other computer or smartphone users to know their or share your's TV code to access the system by one of you.

How can I use Teamviewer without a license?
You are getting free version for a limite period. You can try it now.

TeamViewer PC, Smartphone, Laptop, Tabs etc. are available. You can Google the following keywords.

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