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How to switch to New Facebook design

You would find the 'Switch to New Facebook' design option time to time when you logged in Facebook and the message would appear only in case if you haven't changed it to New Facebook design from the Classic one. 

The old design or Classic design of FB is still available and you can switch back to classic Facebook if you are in a new FB design too. Hope you know how to do it. In case if you are unaware of the steps then we have brief its simple steps below that you can do it.

How to switch to new facebook or classic design?

Step 1: Login FB.

Step 2: Click on top right option for setting / icon.

Step 3: You will see that option under 'Dark mode'.

Step 4: Just click on it so that it will change automatically.

Step 5: You can do the same for changing back to the previous one. No different steps. This design mostly applies to desktop or laptop version. You can do the same setting for mobile phone too but the design might vary.

Hope this tips helped you to switch it to your favorite design of FB, one of the popular social media platform.

And, yes, there are many setting and changes over there. FB always updating their application to ensure that it satisfy its user for privacy and secure without affecting anything to anyone.

In case if you would like to know how to change the setting then there is an option for it or visit the link given here

Likewise, there are other setting too. For Privacy setting, you can use the link given to perfect it as per your requirement.

Stay tuned for more updates on Facebook features.