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IDEMIA’s MorphoWave contactless 3D fingerprint scanning technology

Your new security access code with IDEMIA’s MorphoWave™ contactless 3D fingerprint scanning technology - Zero Human Contact.

Are you interested to know more about this product? If yes, here you go.

In the high traffic environments, the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic has forced a reappraisal of much of the technology which were in use. 

In the advent of this Covid-19 outbreak being instrumental is just not enough for the access technologies to cater, but, also as the safest mode of access going forward. Uplifted security of advanced personalities is additionally required like never before.

IDEMIA’s touchless 3D fingerprint (Morpho Wave) technology, is not only going to protect the office premises, in the light when organizations needed access control solutions that are thorough, dependable, fast but will also give a smoother and more hygienic user experience as there is Zero Human contact between people and the operational MWC device. 

At IDEMIA, it relied on its patented, touchless 3D fingerprint technology to develop a first of its kind product meeting these needs in high-traffic environments. 

All thanks to this solution, organizations can now ensure a frictionless access experience everywhere to its authorized users, with a simple wave of their hand.

MorphoWave has rapidly become the benchmark of such a frictionless access. It has been deployed in major fortune 500 companies across the globe.