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Google Android 14 vs Apple iOS 17 Beta and on...

Android's Dessert names were sweeter and teaser than the actual OS. Android still uses dessert names (internally) and the upcoming Android 14 OS is called "upside down cake". Last one you might have known (Android 13 or Android 12) other than "Android 8 Oreo or Android 9 Pie". No? Why? Check them here again.

Many interested to know the latest OS updates of the mobile phone from tycoon, Google vs Apple in the race. Both of them are working for Android 14 vs iOS 17 respectively. 
We got some info and tried to compare them to give the better input in a short. More detail can be seen once they are available all over.
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Apple iOS 17 features (Beta and on):

Contact Poster - customize your call background.

AirDrop - two iPhones to share contact and email info instantly. 

Safety App - In case if you don't move or respond or some unknown incident occurs, this option on will alert/share near/dear.

Standby Mode - It will work when no activity on phone.

Synabatic Wallpaper - This is something late to introduce but user can create wallpaper as they like to set on the phone.

Magic Editor - It is almost like Android 14 feature announcement, user can edit the photo as they wishes.

FaceTime Voice Mail - One more in race, leave video or voice to user when they don't attend the call and use Facetime voice feature.

Message App - Better enhancement with various add-on for your In / Out Messages.

Autocorrect - When words are wrong upon type, it may either indicate or auto-correct for you. If not, you can disable the option.

Live Voice Mail - Each OS / UI tries to race each other. If user don't like to attend the call then other can leave voice mail to user. 

Google Android 14 features (Beta and on):

Privacy and security - Google has given an important to this feature overall.
There are en number of features already in Android 13 or earlier version which many of them are not using in real by the users.
However, Google keep on adding more features beside upgrade to existing features.

Artificial Intelligence
UI interference
Photo Picker
Notification Flashes
Camera improve
Battery Life tuning
Lockscreen setting
File Share
Magic Compose etc.

Android 14 Features (Upcoming). As per different sources, it was learnt that, upcoming one are few, such as, Emoji, Generative AI, and Cinematic Wallpapers. App Cloning. Predictive Gestures.

Best Android 14 Features. We would update them here soon. So, stay tuned.

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