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Android OS name from A to L - what is next?

It is interesting to know that Google is releasing its Android OS with Alpha order wise. May be you are aware about it and even if you are not aware of it, you may just check this one to know in detail. 

First Google released Android Astro OS which was unaware by many and it had lots of competitors while start-up. Later, Google never given up and Android OS releases many in Alpha order from Astro to Lollipop, as of now. You may check the list of Android OS name below;

Image courtesy: Google Android

List of Android OS names:

Android Astro
Android Bravo
Android Cup Cake
Android Donut
Android Eclairs
Android Froyo
Android Gingerbread
Android Honeycomb
Android Ice Cream Sandwich
Android Jelly Bean
Android Kit Kat
Android Lollipop
Android Marshmallow (updated on Jan 2017)
Android Nougat (updated on Mar 2017)
Android O (updated on Jun 2017)

Expert predicts that the next Android version might be Mulberry or Milk-shake or Mint or other name starts from M. Finally Google brought it with Marshmallow OS.

Note: Android Astro and Bravo is not confirmed by Google's official website.