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What is Net Neutrality?

Net Neutrality is nothing but freedom to use or browse the net without restriction on data limits whether subscriber browses normal WebPages or using heavy data uploads/downloads or watching Videos online or using websites for any calls or video calls etc. So, I hope you would have understand the basic concept of what is Net neutrality?. To know more, go through the below detail on this.

What if Anti-Net neutrality for basic subscriber?

I have already subscribed for internet connection, paying monthly for net connectivity. The net service provider has given me access for limited GB per month and post usage of the limited GB the unlimited data’s begin for lower speed which I could max use 3GB data for the rest of the days of the month. Now, where is the Net Neutrality first? 

I can access some YouTube or Skype or Viber etc. within that 5GB or 4GB limitation during first 15 to 20 days, after that limitation, I can’t even browse with regular speed for the normal websites in that duration, so, I can’t even think to open YouTube or Skype or Viber etc. on that particular duration, here again, where is the Net Neutrality?

Where is Net neutrality?

First of all, we don’t have net neutrality freedom generally then why shall we talk or accept on Anti-net neutrality to invite more trouble beside this one? In addition, authority show us more dreams related to this service like Digital India, Free WiFi and so on for future betterment. Where they are going to take us to crash? Will they serve net connectivity without taking money from us? It is not possible though it can be.

We already paid or are paying with limited usage of net connectivity in the name of net neutrality, but still few Telecom service providers wants us to pay addition charges or even more (in the name of Anti-net neutrality) to access some apps or websites, or else this feature may helps only to those who favor and paid them for business and stop to access those listed sites to rest of them who have not favored or paid for it. In general, net is the only simple source that one can reach globally.

It is different story that Anti-net neutrality might have pros and cons to the public based on the region or country, but this new service can regret many at this peak moment here. I think this is the time to voice out on this, or show us by relevant authority that ‘are subscriber really experiencing net neutrality freedom first?’. We can go to the next level if we receive answer, so.

Do you think accessing or using YouTube or Skype or Viber within limited GB is Net Neutrality? However, you can write to TRAI on this issue before 24th Apr 2015.