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Realme 2 vs Oppo A3s smartphones' comparison

Oppo recently launched different series of smartphones including budget and an expensive one. One of the budget smartphone from Oppo is A3s and one of the expensive plus premium smartphone from the brand is FindX device.

Oppo too has rivals and can accelerate competition around for its design and features. The another sub-brand of Oppo is, Realme. The new brand Realme also has launched Realme2 smartphone recently after the huge success of Realme1 mobile phones.

We were thinking to compare Realme 1 vs Realme 2 smartphones but finally thought that there are few differences between these two, like Processor, Top Notch, Screen, Pricing and same brand. The rest has no much differences.

However, it is better to compare between two different brands' devices than the same one even though one of the device is from a parent company.

Let us quickly go through how Realme 2 vs Oppo A3s smartphones comparison goes with little info and without much detail in it.

Both the devices (Realme 2 vs Oppo A3s) comes with Top-Notch design and one of them even comes with 2GB of RAM (A3s) whereas Realme2 starts from 3GB RAM variants.

Likewise, the internal storage of A3s starts with 16GB ROM for 11k budget and Realme2 starts with 32GB ROM for just 9K.

Top Notches:

These are the cheap and best Top-Notch smartphones at the moment though both of them have mid-range key features. You can buy A3s offline and online but you have to buy Realme2 online only.


Both the gadgets comes with the same processor Qualcomm's snapdragon 450 with Adreno graphics. Realme 2 and Oppo A3s, both comes with 6.2 inches display and 4230mAh battery altogether.


Realme2 and Oppo A3s equipped with almost same megapixel cameras in their devices. Both the devices gives enough low-light results that's okay in the budget.

Both built with the face unlock feature but Realme2 comes with fingerprint unlock beside and A3s lack of it.

Main differences between Oppo A3s and Realme 2 phones:

1. Pricing.
2. Realme 2 available online only and that is not the case for Oppo A3s.
3. SIM slot differences.
4. Low RAM / ROM variants in A3s.
5. Realme 2 has fingerprint and it lacks in Oppo A3s.
6. Color and pattern differences.

Realme 2 key features and specifications: 

Processor:  Qualcomm SD450, octa-core 
GPU: Adreno 506 with AI Gaming Acceleration
OS: Android Oreo, ready for Pie, ColorOS 5.1
RAM: 3GB / 4GB variants
ROM: 32G/ 64GB variants, expandable to 256GB
Display: 6.2 inches
Camera: 13+2MP dual rear, 8MP selfie 
SIM: Triple-slot (Dual 4G SIM + SD card)
Battery: 4230mAh, AI Power Master 
Color: Diamond Black, Diamond Red, Diamond Blue

Realme 2 price: Starts INR 8990 for (3GB/32GB) 

Oppo A3s key features and specifications:

Processor: Qualcomm's snapdragon 450 
OS: Android Oreo
RAM: 2GB / 3GB variants
ROM: 16GB / 32GB
Display: 6.2 inches, HD screen 720p
Camera: 13+2MP dual rear 8MP front
SIM: Dual
Battery 4320mAh 
Color: Cherry Red, Purple

Oppo A3s price: Starts INR 10999 for (2GB/16GB)

Tips: You can buy Realme2 for price point and better RAM/ROM. You can buy Oppo A3s in case if you love Oppo brand and medium-heavy usages.