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Realme2 smartphone launch and price

Realme, a sub-brand of Oppo is about to launch A Notch Above smartphone, Realme2. There is huge expectation from the fans across. 

The device is the successor of Realme1 smartphone that was launched in May 15, 2018. It was a blockbuster and still the sale is going well.

Realme2 key features (as per online source):

The next one is, Realme2 phone that would come shortly and has huge anticipation from its fans around. As per its advertisement, the device might come with top-notch, huge battery or 4320mAh, dual camera, fingerprint sensor etc.

When we compare Realme2 vs Realme1 then we could find that the brand intend to release their smartphones under 10k with better quality overall for everyone's ease access. 

Realme2 smartphone in offline market?

However, the brand offers their device online only and hard to buy their phone offline.

If Realme try to push a bit to sell it offline market then they may get huge success and sale as well compare to current scenario.

Let us see how it goes. We will share with you soon about Realme2 key features, technical specifications, price (possibly under INR 10K), review and comparison etc. once it is officially launch, and it has just few hours to do so.

It must be powered packed features smartphone, cheap and best smartphone and possibly the best selling phone as well. You may get the best deal online for sure. Stay tuned.