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Meizu 16 and Meizu 16 Plus smartphones: Launch, specifications, features and price

As per news available around, Meizu may launch Meizu 16 and Meizu 16 Plus smartphones on Aug 8, 2018 in China. The phone might launch or release in other countries as well.

We got some leak news, rumors and speculations about these devices, around. If you are looking for Meizu 16 and Meizu 16 Plus gadgets detail then stay tuned. 

However, we know that we got some news in the past about Meizu 15 and Meizu 15 Plus and Meizu Lite smartphones, Meizu M6 and Meizu Pro 7 detail as well.

Meizu 16 Plus leaked images

Meizu 16 and Meizu 16 Plus smartphones arrival:

We will update about them once they are officially launched with its detail including features, specifications, price and release date etc.

We would also publish Meizu 16 and Meizu 16 Plus smartphones key features, technical specifications, price, release date, review and first impression etc. once they are launched on aforesaid date.

Tips: The brand has released few finest smartphones and the brand also reliable though it launch once in a while compare to other brands or competitors.