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Vivo V11 Pro smartphone launches on September 6, 2018

Vivo has announced that it will launch V11 Pro smartphone on September 6, 2018. The phone might have a potential features with affordable prices. 

Earlier we got some speculation and leaks about the V11 and V11 Pro smartphones' arrival but now it is officially confirmed by Vivo. The features and specifications are still not confirmed yet.

If you are looking for Vivo V11 Pro smartphone key feature, technical specifications, first impression and price detail etc. then just wait for few more days and you would get all the confirmed detail officially.

You can see V11 Pro smartphone photos given above that officially published in social media. And, we would share more detail about V11 Pro like first impression and review etc. once we got an opportunity, officially.

This could be one of the best smartphone, best selling smartphone and possibly one can get the best deal around online and offline.

Vivo used to release flagship smartphone's normally and let us see how this phone goes on live. Vivo earlier released Vivo Nex and Vivo X21 smart devices and there are few more with Y and Z series with budget price.

We also heard that the brand is going to launch another advanced feature smartphone Vivo X23 and the successor of X21 phone. Let us wait and see how it goes now and then. We would also share these gadgets info over here.