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Latest Medical devices from BPL

BPL has recently launched few Healthcare devices including ECG, LifePhone Plus (Cardio device), BP Monitors, Nebulizers, Inhalation therapy, Heating Belt, Finger-tip Blood Oxygen monitor, Infection free temperature measurement and on as home care products with cost effectiveness. 

BPL Medical Technologies, a dominant player in ECG, Critical Care, Defibrillator and Surgery segments, has been serving the medical fraternity for nearly 50 years by providing reliable products and assured service at an affordable price.

If you are looking for the latest medical devices from BPL then please find them over here. Before that, we would like to share about the BPL LifePhone Plus gadget that comes in a small size or half of the size of the mobile phone and portable as well.

LifePhone Plus portable device helps the Cardio / heart patient to use it at home for 12 channels checking by following its app guideline through Smartphone connecting via Bluetooth to give the 93% result compare to ECG Diagnose test done outside.

The app will also help to communicate with the patient's health specialist or consultant as well. It is not necessary to shave or apply gel while using this device to check ECG parameter.

The four steps instruction from LifePhone app is more than enough to give the entire ECG report within a minute. Each step might take ten seconds and four steps would give the result.

One more good thing about the device is, it can be used for more than one person to check their ECG parameters. The LifePhone Plus app is available for iOS and Android phones.

The data of the patient would be saved in cloud as well for medical history and future requirement. It would also play one of the main role as EHR (Electronic Health Record) or EMR (Electronic Medical Record). 

You would understand that how information and technology has grown that even helps the healthcare industry. We would publish the other BPL medical devices info, later.

The latest healthcare device from BPL

LifePhone Plus (ECG / Cardio device)
BP Monitors
Inhalation therapy
Heating Belt
Finger-tip Blood Oxygen monitor
Infection free temperature measurement
Foetal Heartbeat Detector
Recording Paper
Disposable Electrodes
ECG Jelly
ECG Cables
Electrodes and Rubber Bulbs
Respiratory Accessories

Some of the products are latest one and few of them are upgraded one. Some of them are C certified from UL as well.

Tips: You can almost get the right result from every home-care devices. You can consult with your Doctor accordingly. They are all for 'prevention is better than cure' products.