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What is Information Technology?

The question may be easy one and looks like a small answer is enough to explain all in all about an IT in just few word/s. You would have got its explanation a bit in a different sources as well. However, we share ours but just few things.

The Information Technology consist many things related to a small to large information and its associated technologies. It's a huge cycle linked with one or the other and hard to measure overall.

For example, as long as there is Information Technology then there shall be Technical Support as well beside its professionals. The next comes with IT services and IT / Network security etc. The process goes continuously for a long.

IT is also linked with IT consultant, producers, reseller, managed service provider, small to large IT firms, IT problems, IT solutions, Cloud services, Cloud computing, IoT, IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and many more developers.

Technology comparison:

When you compare between last few decades vs current Information Technology then you would find the basic things are same but few modules and devices has changed that expedite everything as per the time and requirement.

The Information Technology not only helps for economic growth and fast serving to end users but it helps in various other departments across including research and development.

Making electrical and electronics gadgets are not only the overall technology but they are part of technology process as same as software process.

Technology changes the trend:

You may wonder how technology has changed our lives when we compare past few decades. Yes, it has. If you observe the case study then you would find social changes as well.

There are as many things as it has happened and one of the reason is Information Technology development. The technology innovation is unique for sure. The Technology creates various routes and employments or at least some sources.

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