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Drone Policy and guidelines in India

The Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India has taken step on making Drone's first Policy and guidelines in India.

The regulations drafting and finalization for Drones took many years considering various factors including safety and security.

The Drone policy will be effective from December 1, 2018. The policy and guidelines are available on the website of Ministry of Civil Aviation. 

You can also refer the given link as well

What are the things to remember to use the drones here?

1. The users need one time resignation of their drones
2. Flying drones allowed only during day time
3. Drones can be flown at a maximum height of 400ft. in authorized place. (In general, we can able to buy commercial drone that flies max up to 50ft. only).

This policy on Drone is a good move. Hope it clears the doubt for those who uses drone's around. So, it is now legal to buy and use drone in India as long as one abide the policy is announced.

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