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Why OnePlus6 smartphone is getting stronger day by day?

As you are aware, OnePlus brand has released OnePlus6 smartphones in a different variants few months back, got enormous response across globe and huge sale as well like it had happened to its previous version e.g. OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5T, OnePlus3 and OnePlus3T etc. 

The history continues and the brand maintaining its own standard as unique including 'Never Settle' theme. It has brought some innovation gadgets that let other brands to awake on-time. Hope you understand what I mean is. Yes, few of them awaken as well.

OnePlus rivals released few smartphones with similar specification and features but they either increased the price or decrease the price. Their device somewhat came closer to OnePlus6 phone and few not on various parameters including device performance and sale.

Few brought additional innovation things in their mobile phone beside similar specs compare to the latest OnePlus device but still they left behind on the race. 

The OnePlus brand is still top on premium range smartphone despite few rivals tried their best to lessen the price of their devices, or release their device often with more or less similar features.

The secret of the OnePlus success is only known by their heads and not the rivals though they try their best for similar key features and technical specification. 

The other brand might sell their device better than OnePlus phone but still the time will tell which one is the best on premium range, quality lasting and a long run including OS updates etc.

The resale value of the subject phone is still high compare to rivals, this is one more points over here. This is one of the best smartphone and best selling smartphones in 2018 for sure.

We would publish more detail on this later. Stay tuned. Please feel free to add your comments.

Tips: This is just some of our analysis and research which we would continue on a different parameters, practically.