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Latest Apple iPhones and smart devices - September 12, 2018

Apple used to launch their latest iPhones, iPad, MacBook and Smartwatches etc. every September month, thus, we can expect the same on September 12, 2018 as well which is just few days to go.

There are some hints, speculations and news around about the upcoming special event's from Apple on above said date and its gadgets. So, we can expect the big one from Apple this time.

As Apple says, a new world all around you from these devices and their features.

Some speculations were that iPhoneXI will be releasing with different dimensions or screen sizes. Not sure about iPhone9 etc. though.

Gather round - Apple event venue:

We heard that Apple is about to conduct the special event on September 12, 2018 at Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino.

The event would be filled up with techies, professionals, media and business heads as usual.

We can expect as many features from all their upcoming devices including smartphones alias iPhones, iPad, Mac and Smartwatches etc. 

The gadget may release better AI interface and Augmented Reality as well. We can also expect the iOS13 or upgrade program etc.

Stay tuned, we will update more on Apple events, their product launches and release date etc.

Tips: You can check Apple website for up to date info.