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Philips Garment Steamer: Features and price

Philips has released EasyTouch Plus Garment Steamer GC523 for fast crease removal and it Continuous steam 32  g/min.

If you are interested to know Philips Garment Steamer key features, specifications and price detail then you can find them over here.

The brand has released the product for Descaling and cleaning Easy De-calc too.

Philips Garment Steamer features:

The Garment steamer comes with 5 level settings, 1.6L Detachable tank, Styleboard accessory GC523/60. It would work at 1600W power, 32g/min and remove crease.

The gadget has EasyTouch Plus steamer that equipped with 25% larger steam plate. It can cove more fabric area in one stroke. The better result for your garment steam.

This is one of the cheap and best quality Garment steamer available around. You can check its specs and price detail below.

Philips Steamer Specification:

Continuous steam 32  g/min
Descaling and cleaning Easy De-calc
Detachable water tank: Yes
Fast crease removal: Yes
Continuous steam: 32  g/min
Power: 1600  W
Ready to use: <1  min
Variable steam: 5  levels
Variable steam levels: Yes

Philips Garment Steamer price: INR 8595/=*

Tips: The perfect device for the all sort of clothes and iron.