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Logitech celebrates second Global Work From Home Week from October 8-12, 2018

Logitech, largest manufacturers of computer peripherals has announced the celebration of their Second Global Work From Home week (#WFHWeek) from October 8-12, 2018. 

If you are interested to know more detail about the Logitech's celebrating Global Work From Home Week then kindly read it.

Logitech will be encouraging their employees around the globe to Work from Home. They have also recognized 10 October as its "Global Work From Home Day".

As per the global work place analytics, #WFHWeek participants in 2017, saved more than 60,000 kg of CO2 by working from home. That’s the equivalent of nearly 250,000 kilometers driven in a standard car - and it equals approximately six times the circumference of Earth. 

Not only this, it has been observed that Logitech employees also saved an average of 90 minutes of their daily commute which added to increased productivity through video conferencing and other collaboration tools used during that period.

Hope this info and their initiative would help you to learn and follow in addition to save many things including time, energy and Co2 etc.