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OnePlus Bullet Wireless Earphones and Backpack

OnePlus has just launched OnePlus 6T smartphone in New York city. You can check its detail from the link given above. OnePlus also launched the new and latest Bullet Wireless earphones and Backpack for the travelers.

TMobile will be the exclusive partner of OnePlus in and around the US. If you are planning to buy OnePlus 6T or OnePlus Bullet Wireless and Backpack etc. then TMobile will be the most suitable place where you have to approach in to get them in your bag.

There are more than 5600 TMobile stores across the nation and you can grab them from there itself. You may get the best deal over there as well. You can buy smartphones and other gadgets from therein.

If you are interested to know the OnePlus 6T key features, technical specifications and price detail then find them here, OnePlus 6T specs and price for you.

OnePlus bullet wireless price: $69* 

OnePlus Backpack price: $69* (will be updated) 

The Backpack will carry huge clothes and materials including laptop and two pairs of clothes beside basic amenities.

Bullet wireless earphones would help you to listen the audio on the go without any disturbance. The quality of the device will speak on using it.

Tips: This is one of the best brand that used to launch the latest and quality products to the customers.