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Latest iPad Pro, iPad Mini and MacBooks launches

Apple has scheduled to conduct the second event on October 30 for 2018 to launch some more gadgets after the first one was on September 12, 2018. 

The first event from Apple was to launch the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR beside Smartwatches (Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch Nike+ and Apple Watch Hermes) but the upcoming one might be for the latest and upgraded iPad Pro, iPad Mini, AirPods and MacBooks etc.

There are associated news of iOS 12.1 and Hey-Siri as well. Other than smartphones last time, Apple may also launch TV and Music related devices. As brand says in theme for upcoming event, "There's more in the making". Thus, we can expect more than last time.

Due to huge competition on related gadgets or iPhones or iPad, the Apple might bring either some innovative product or unique features with cutting edge technology as it has done in the past.

There are few rumors, leaks and speculation about these products but they are officially not confirmed yet. So, we have to wait and see the realty on the ground soon.

If you are looking for the latest iPad Pro, iPad Mini, AirPods and MacBooks beside latest software and app updates then stay tuned. We will update on the date of launch.

Tips: Apple gadget is worth to go with it as the impact Apple products have created on the world.