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Bluetooth speakers under INR 500

Are you looking for the cheap and best Bluetooth speakers? Under Rs 500 speakers? If yes, please find some of them over here which might help you to buy them or one of them.

Webilla SC 208 Bluetooth Speaker can connect the Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Memory, PenDrive (Multi Colour, Mono Channel) and it is from Webilla brand.

The price of the Webilla SC 208 Bluetooth Speaker is INR 499 with discount out of MRP 1,499.

Padraig Mi 5 Compatible Portable Rugby Shape Bluetooth Speakers for audio Everywhere. This is Mini Wireless Bluetooth Subwoofer from Padraig brand.

The price of the Padraig Mi 5 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is INR 346 in discount out of INR  999.

Quantum HS-656 Mini Rechargeable Speaker. Mini and portable Bluetooth speaker from Quantum brand.

The price of the Quantum Speaker is INR 227 in discount out of INR 330 MRP.

Teconica Y1S Bluetooth Stereo Speaker with Fm/Pendrive, Sd Card Input Compatible with All Smartphones. The audio gadget is from Teconica brand.

The price of Teconica Y1S Bluetooth Stereo Speaker is INR 299 in discount out of INR 2,999 MRP.

Advotis World Capsule (Pill) Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker with Bluetooth Connectivity. The device has features like, Tf/Sd Card Support Suitable for Apple & Android Devices.

Advotis Capsule Bluetooth Speaker price is INR 459 out of INR 999 MRP.

Tips: Hope you like one of the above Bluetooth speakers. They are available from Amazon. The color and some description may vary. Kindly check the item detail while ordering it.