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OnePlus 6T smartphones: Launch date and speculations

OnePlus is ready to launch their OnePlus 6T smartphone's on October 29, 2018 in New York City, USA. The date was pre-poned due to other brand's (Apple and...) gadgets launching on the same date, October 30, 2018. 

OnePlus has done the good job by launching OnePlus 6T mobile phone a day before to its actual scheduled dated.

However, the cell phone's specifications and features are slowly and officially coming one by one through social media sources. The below images given from OnePlus shows that the smartphone would come with the In-display fingerprint sensor (though some of them already knew about it) and hard to find headphone jack over there.

We also got some more detail of OnePlus 6T specifications earlier. They may or may not be correct as well. The only thing we have to know right now is, its price precisely and that would announce by the brand at the launch.

The brand recently published upper part of the device image that shows the phone would come with dual rear camera, positioned in center and vertical.

The leaks, speculations and rumors are still around about the OnePlus 6T phone. Let us wait and see how it goes and we could review it later. Also, we have to know about Headphone Jack availability in this phone, that was one of the main topic few weeks back whether it will be available in the device or not despite the brand got some feedback from its fans earlier.

Will OnePlus 6T come with the same models like its successor? This also the question right now. What would be the price of the OnePlus 6T smartphone? One more question araised after OnePlus 6 was priced at INR 30000 from INR 35000 during last Big Billion Day sale or festival sale etc.

Hope the brand accepts the feedback from its fans on headphone jack or the brand has to replace the new feature's with the betterment or success at least to change the trend's mindset. They can possibly.