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GPU Turbo vs Hyper Boost accelerations

Huawei had launched GPU Turbo technology few months back, the performance and response was / is the best so far. The brand might launch its next software updates and accelerations anytime soon as well.

Wait, the technology in this area is growing rapid. Android operating system to custom skin. And, additional software upgrades, it furthers grown for better enhancement and user experience on this. So, Huawei's GPU Turbo came in.

You may have a question like what is GPU Turbo? And, what is Hyperboost? etc. the detail is given here.

GPU Turbo features:

Huawei and its sub-brand Honor had released the custom skin EMUI based Android operating system for the past six years with different versions. The brand further launched GPU Turbo feature to enrich other parameters on this. The best functionality and features to excel further.

GPU Trubo came with better optimization, menu upgrades, easy access, better control with as many features, speed, calling experience performances, improving audio and video playback, best gameplay experience, battery saving and on.

Huawei P20 Pro smartphone was one of them that got GPU Turbo features in addition to latest EMUI. Huawei Mate20 will also going to release with GPU Turbo features. Also, the brand's own and upcoming Kirin 980 chipset will add value to this feature.

Honor Play smartphone also released with GPU Turbo features and rocks. Honor 8X and Honor 8X Max also expected to release the same features.  

The success of the effort from the Huawei's development team let other competitors to look at this. Self-developed skin OS excels them.

Do you think no competition on this upgrades? 

No, there is a competition to match the current trend and requirement to move further by other brands as well beside the initiative taken brand.

Oppo almost came on this. They may come with few sub-brand devices as well. Yes, Oppo has just launched Hyper Boost technology to further strength their devices for near future needs.

You can find something about Oppo's Hyper Boost technology over here.

Oppo Hyper Boost features:

Oppo has recently launched this technology. Oppo R17 Duo (Oppo R17 and Oppo R17 Pro) and Oppo K1 phone may come with the Hyper Boost technology.

Oppo announced the Hyper Boost technology in Shanghai Research Institute. The brand has also  announced that it will launch 5G terminals, soon.

What will be the new in Hyper Boost features?

The main features of the Hyper Boost will be better optimization, speed, battery power saving, device setting, other associated app needs and allocation, performance algorithm features including gameplay etc.

In addition to this, solving existing issues if any like patches and waste of system resources etc.

Hope this article helped you on comparison between GPU Turbo vs Hyper Boost features from different brands' devices.