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Apple's Event on October 30, 2018 - iPad or MacBook or other gadgets and software?

There are two upcoming big events on October 30, 2018 but it is good that their time has changed a bit to cover all their gadgets' detail.

What are those two big events? OnePlus6T and Apple gadgets launching events on October 30, 2018. Both of them are on very same date where most of the techies and media would be busy to grab the things around.

OnePlus will launch their 6T smartphone and other accessories whereas Apple has not revealed the products detail yet though it seems their last month's iPhone XS launches was incomplete. 

Yes, we obviously believe it as well as there were no other gadgets and products from Apple event on September 12, 2018 but iPhones.

Apple has sent out Event invites to many Techies and Media for October 30, 2018 product launches. So, 'there is more in the making' as per their theme in the invite. 

At the same time, we get speculation and rumor around about upcoming Apple event that might bring the latest iPad and MacBook etc. beside Desktop series and some software / app updates etc.

This may or may not be. Let us wait and see how Apple is going to reveal the things on October 30, 2018 where we would give you ample information about those products and gadgets. 

Hopefully, one of them might change the time to assist Media or Techies to attend both the events. We would update on this. Stay tuned.