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Google's AMP Roadshow 2018

Google's AMP conducted the Roadshow for 2018 in Bangalore, India. If you are interested to know what is an AMP and how does it works then please find it here.

Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open source initiative to enable a better web and on. Read this article for more detail.

The first AMP Roadshow in India kicks-off in Bangalore on October 24, 2018. This is the third Birth day of AMP. 

The keynote presented by Matt Lud followed by other speakers including Myntra (online shopping website) about their AMP associated experience detail.

AMP Pros and Cons:

It was totally a learning day from AMP that helps many attendees and web developers to concentrate more on fast page-loading, less bounce rate, better user experience, cost effective and responsive.

The page loading issue may cause diverting the customer to a different place and possibly lose the potential customer and sale.

If the webpage loading takes more than three seconds then the visitors or customers might leave the website instantly. This is statistics we have seen.

They also stated that three core issues commonly known on web world. They are, as below.

Disruptive Ads
Slow loading Ads
Unsafe Ads

Benefits of AMP:

AMP and its code (software) helps you to overcome from all such issues. It also works cache based that helps the visitors to get the information within very few second and have no page loading issue nor ads take time. Image pixel has no changes in quality as well.

You will neither lose the customer nor ads revenue that gives better result overall without affecting your business and possibly increase the customers and revenue as well as it happened to India Today and Myntra etc.

You can check its official website more detail on (and Twitter @amphtml) for betterment of your website traffic and increasing potential revenue.