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Digitek Smart Car Charger: Features and price

Digitek has launched Smart Car Charger Extenders With Easy Rear Seat Accessibility. 

If you are looking for the travel gadgets or smartphone charger for your car including the charger useful for rear seat passenger then this the best choice for you.

Digitek, an Indian market leader in Photographic and Smartphone accessories, launched two models of the Car Charger Extender i.e. DCE-72V QC and DCE-96V.

Digitek car charger features:

These chargers could help the rear seat passengers to charge their smartphones or Tablet on the go. 

Digitek DCE-72V QC and Digitek DCE-96V car chargers built with quality materials for a long lasting.

The device is a prerequisite for prolonged car journeys and a perfect companion for continuous enjoyment.

Unique design
Universal usage
Plug in to CLA clip
Compatible with almost all cars
Intelligent Circuit Technology
Safe and ease
Four USB port (2 front, 2 rear)
2V to 24V supply

Digitek DCE-72V QC car charger price: INR 1195
Digitek DCE-96V car charger price: INR 1095

Tips: The smartphone charger for car is an essential device but the 

above subject charger can help even the rear seat phone users.