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OnePlus 6T activities

OnePlus usually conduct some contest or unique program where many participates to get something out of them. The brand conduct the contest few weeks before the launches of their Smartphones or accessories. 

This time also happening the same thing right now and they have done with the OnePlus Lab reviewer's invitation, Photo editing guideline (Edit like a Pro) is under progress, Fastest tapper's going on and other activities are on. They would get some gift and further activities.

Also, the OnePlus have recently announced the open invitation to its fans who can register it online by paying INR 999 on a particular date to attend the upcoming OnePlus 6T event, October 30, 2018 in Delhi, precisely.

Another one is, the launch date of OnePlus 6T has pre-poned in the USA. The date is on October 29, 2018 instead of old date October 30, 2018. And, there is no confirmation yet about India's launch date revision on October 30, 2018 launch announced.

This time the hashtag from OnePlus for OnePlus 6T phone is, UnlockYourSpeed, FastandSmooth, OnePlus6T etc.

One more in this launch is, you can buy the backpack (newly designed) of OnePlus brand in a nominal price.

OnePlus has associated with Kevin Abosch, renowned photographer to add a touch of OnePlus 6T brilliance.

Other than these, what will be the special in OnePlus 6T smartphone?

There could be some more additional things from OnePlus 6T like a special one, as below.

You may be wondering what would be the new features in OnePlus 6T mobile phone? Here few of them listed.

New design though some of its rivals already has launched those designs but when they compare to their own OnePlus 6 smartphone then the new one will be better in terms of so many things. That too the changes and upgrades within five months as the brand never launches the device often. Their  product launches are twice in a year max.

Speed, the upcoming gadget will be better than previous one due to software tweaks, upgrades and possibly hardware updates too.

There will be In-display fingerprint sensor on upcoming gadget whereas it was not in the case of OnePlus 6 device.

Camera, the brand hopefully may increase the performance of the Camera's lens and pixels to give the best results of the photos and videos' output, compare to the earlier device though that also have had enough satisfied results.

We also feel that Oxygen OS based Android Pie might be the best match on the device as a feast to its owner. Let us wait and see some more features to share with you all. Stay tuned.