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3 types of blogs that would earn AdSense revenue

Our team was searching and analyzing about the Google AdSense revenue for blogs or websites those platforms were once earned a lot from AdSense or  other CPC or affiliates. Those websites' earning is going down these days despite quality contribution daily, as per the webmaster comment online (by few) or offline (by few known bloggers).

There are many reasons for that is certain. Those days Google Algorithms were different than right now, quality and relevance matter these days. Less competition. Like a blog or website became competitors for others in the past, and the same blog or website has competition right now. Other platforms like YouTube or App taking over them. The competition will always be there and still you can stand steadily with the blog or website by publishing quality content regularly that matches mass searches online.

However, Google has suggested little different on this, Our team got to know on this while analyzing about the same concern. We will share with you as well. What Google suggested is, as below;

1. A blog that add content on a regular basis.

2. Forum site - that solves many visitors query.

3. A Free online tool website.

They are right to some extend. There are more potential other than the listed one. Few financial websites have no aim for traffic or AdSense revenue but their business itself is a revenue pattern one, so, huge visitors obviously be there, like in a Share Trading or Bank websites etc.

As in the link (above) given, Google says to adhere the guideline beside a blog adding content regularly, or while making a Forum site or developing free online tool website. So, we can get what we want once we started to follow the above suggestion given by Google.

While going through all these three websites as per Google referred, viz. Dailydot, catforum and, it was observed that, these websites are coming with quality article that has thousands of words, few images, one or two video tag etc. in Dailydot, many contributors in catforum and a simple GIFmaker with less content with more solution to the visitors, obviously increasing the traffic to their platform. They fill the need of the mass search on these.

If you are a blogger and  planning to do the same, try one of the above tips (blog with a regular quality content or forum that helps many for asking query and reply with an answer or a GIF type blog that helps many to solve the image related one) given by Google. 

In case if you create a blog today then it doesn't mean you can become a rich overnight or AdSense will give you a 100+ dollars in a day. You have to work accordingly to get things done or earn 100+ dollars daily by getting huge visitors or page impression that can be happened only once the blog or web has enough regular quality content in a few months / years.

You can also create a blog for any niche or micro-niche to add content regularly. Even YouTube or other platform has to add content daily to earn views or page impressions to get the revenue.

A blogger or webmaster need to plan in advance accordingly by following the Google guideline and other bloggers or webmasters' approach on this. 

Hope this article helped you to get some point on the subject topic. You can check many AdSense related articles from this website.