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SENA 5S: Features and price

Sena 5S is the next-generation of feature-rich and value-packed intercoms from Sena. Would you like to know how Sena 5S device helps you on travel or riding?

If you are looking for High Definition in-helmet speakers for two-way intercom or bluetooth intercom for helmets or helmet bluetooth kit or bluetooth helmet price or helmet bluetooth headset price or best bluetooth for helmets or bluetooth headphones for helmet etc. to acquire then this is one of the best option you have around.

Sena 5s features:

The device is integrated LCD screen, and other incredible features for traveler at an amazing price. 

The 5S with Bluetooth® 5 keeps you connected to your riding companion or passenger with HD Sound quality, music sharing, and audio equalizer profiles built right in. 

The device also lets you answer phone calls hands-free, listen to FM Radio, and hear your GPS prompts. 

The 5S features a Helmet Clamp Kit and Boom Microphone. 

The Jog Dial makes for an intuitive user interface that is much easier to control while riding, which means you'll ride safer.

Sena 5S specifications:

The newly redesigned in-helmet speakers are optimized for both physical comfort and impressive audio performance. It fit in the speaker pockets of a helmet, giving the rider a comfortable experience. 

Sena 5s price: INR 12,999*.

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