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Hoppup Sonic - Wireless Headphones: Features and price

Hoppup has launched Sonic, a Wireless Headphones that comes with 20 Hours of playtime without any fatigue. 

The comfortable earphones are foldable and adjustable for all head sizes to create an immersive experience to play its HD sound quality. 

Hoppup's Sonic, debuts in Wireless Headphones in India.

The integrated buttons on the headphones allow the user to control the sound input mode, manage calls, play-pause the music, and adjust the volume without dragging the smartphone out.  

Hoppup Sonic is available online at affordable pricing, empowering users to enjoy the engaging stereo sound with no burd on to their wallets.

Hoppup Sonic wireless Headphones features:

Hoppup Sonic is powered with Bluetooth 5.0, Hoppup Sonic connects to Bluetooth-enabled devices seamlessly. 

The user can play music and attend calls without any lag.  The Sonic has a thumping bass with HD sound quality, making the best combo for listening to music. 

Hoppup Sonic is loaded with three playing modes - SD Card, Wireless, and Aux. The C-type charging port in these on-ear headphones will restore the battery to the maximum fast. 

The headphone available in three color variants - Black, Red, and Blue.

Hoppup Sonic wireless Headphones price: INR 799. You can visit website- for more detail.

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