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Battleground Mobile India (BGMI - PUBG) - gameplay

KRAFTON announces Battle Ground Mobile India, and is launching soon.

Will it be Busy Gamer Men in India? Busy Gamer M I?. 

Battleground Mobile India - eSports - online game. India's name for changing or upgrading the most successful PUBG (Players Unknown Battle Ground) game for few years among youth.

The topic is trending now due to its launch in home. PUBG has huge fan across the nation and globally, so, BGMI too will be the same here in local.

This is a good news for online gamer and specially youth whose favorite game was PUBG for couple of years. And restricted it by local Government for various legal reason.

Pre-register for Battleground Mobile India is expected anytime soon. We would confirm and update on this for you.

Stay tuned for more update on this. You can also check about the FAU-G that was announced earlier or after PUBG ban in India.