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DesignTech App to help COVID-19 Patients Set up Oxygen Cylinder at home

Would you like to know how to set up Oxygen Cylinder at home? DesignTech Systems has launched free Augmented Reality (AR) based App to help COVID-19 Patients Set up Oxygen Cylinder at home easily.

Are you interested to know more about it or where to download this app and how to proceed with this? If yes, read this article for more detail.

Today, as many people are trying to install and administer oxygen at home for COVID19 patients, it sometimes becomes a daunting task to setup the flowmeter and operate the oxygen cylinder properly.

To help everyone safely setup & operate the o2 cylinder, DesignTech Systems has developed an Augmented Reality based app that can help anyone in time of need against Corona battle, highlighting safety and step by step instructions.

How and where to download DesignTech App to Set up Oxygen Cylinder for home?

You can use and share these links with your friends/family/contacts/social media groups etc so that it can reach everyone and hopefully help save some anxious moments and save precious time.

Google play store download link -

Apple/iOS -

YouTube Video Link -


Google Play Store download link -

Apple App Store download link –

YouTube Video Link -

Take Care, Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.