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QNET's MyHomePlus Disinfectant Solution Generator (DSG)

QNET, the leading e-Commerce based Asian direct selling company announced the launch of MyHomePlus Disinfectant Solution Generator (DSG).  MyHomePlus DSG transforms tap water into eco-friendly disinfectant and sanitizer.

QNET's MyHomePlus Disinfectant Solution Generator (DSG) features:

This revolutionary DSG eliminates 99.9% of germs, bacteria, viruses and helps to keep fruits and vegetables clean from pesticides. 

Being a multipurpose disinfectant, this is effective on germs, mild on the skin, and its eco-friendly nature makes it a perfect choice for the current COVID situation in India. 

As India is hugely affected by COVID 2.0, appropriate hygiene measures and sanitizing have become of utmost importance. 

DSG is 100% natural, non-flammable and non-alcoholic, it is mild and safe.  One needs to just spray and wipe hands after 30 seconds, so it can be used as hand sanitize too. 

The product is equipped with a USB chargeable feature that enables this revolutionary wireless product to be used 12-13 times with a charge of 3-4 hours. 

As soon as the product is kept on the charge, the water starts sterilizing and producing Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) from normal tap water. Its 100% safe, non-irritant, and stable in solution, and sterilised water gets ready in 3 minutes. 

The product is aesthetically designed with a completely detachable structure for easy cleaning and its LED light display allows checking the battery status for hassle-free housework. 

The product works for all surfaces and areas like living room, electronic appliances, gadgets, baby things and toys, kitchen items including fruits and vegetables, bathrooms, car and supplies cleaning, daily supplies, sterilisation of pet supplies, etc. 

With the spread of Covid-19, the entire ecosystem has undergone a paradigm shift in the way we live. QNET will continue to strengthen better living and bring unique products and solutions for its customers.

MyHomePlus DSG is tested by FICCI Research and Analysis Centre (NABL accredited laboratory) to be able to eliminate 99.9% deadly bacteria and fungi present on surfaces, vegetables and fruits.

QNET's MyHomePlus Disinfectant Solution Generator price: INR 59,500 (Pack of 3) this device is user-friendly, cost-effective and easy to maintain.