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Android 12 (Beta) from Google I/O 2021 Event

Android 12 operating system is coming in few weeks. Android 12 Beta is now available for the development, testing, and feedback! 

Android has a new look. Inspired by Material You, Google have rethought the entire experience for Android 12, from colors to shapes, light and motion. It’s more personal and expressive — a one-of-a-kind design, just for Android users.

With Android 12, Google has redesigned the entire look and feel of your phone. From the lock screen to widgets, it feels more responsive, personal and customizable than ever before. Check out a sneak peek now.

The Beta version is now available for development, testing, and feedback! If you are techy and would like to involve in it then try it. Try it today on Pixel or an eligible device from Google's device-maker partners.

What's in Android 12?

New features & APIs

Behavior Changes

Compatibility tools

Migrate your apps.

Android 12 eligible smartphones or devices can be found here

Few Android 11 devices might work on the new OS.

Stay tuned for more updates on Android 12 operating system.