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Indian Games Expo 2018 Contests and Winners

IGX (Indian Games Expo) conducted an event on November 24 and 25 2018 in Mumbai for avid-gamers. 

The gameplay experts around participated in these contests. There were few different contests across in the IGX hall therein.

If you are looking for an Indian Games Expo 2018 Contests, Runners and Winner's beside participated characters' detail then you could find some of them over here.

Indian Games Expo 2018 highlights:

IGX Contests:

Rainbow Six
GameFace cosplay
PUBG's famous Winner winner chicken dinner was there as well.

IGX characters:

Maiev Shadowsong
Markus and Kara from Detroit
Warhammer 40K

The gamers enjoyed the show. The Winners of the Fortnite tournament photo is given above and they got some cool console swag along.

The other Winners were for the Rainbow Six tournament, Tekken Tournament and GameFace cosplay competition. All of them done their best and got their prizes accordingly.

Tips: If you are interested to participate in such a gameplay contest in the near future then please visit IGX official website or social media handling to register and get the invites.