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Apple Watch series 4: Features and price

Apple has launched few gadgets recently (for 2018) including different series of iPhones, Watches, later iPad Pro, Mac Mini and MacBook Air etc. beside the latest features in all of them.

We are hereby writing about the latest Apple Watch series 4 compare to Apple Watch Series 3 that was introduced last year.

Apple Watch series 4 comes in Nike+ and Hermes edition as well beside a regular one. The brand has introduced a separate watchOS, Bands and Accessories etc.

Apple Watch series 4 features:

The smartwatch comes with potential features and it is like almost a mini-smartphone to tied up with hand and carry around for calls and message etc.

Apple Watch series 4 features proactive health monitor, scheduler, activity tracker, measure your heart rate, steps tracker, make calls, SOS and more.

We would write about Apple Watch 4 features in detail, later.

Apple Watch series 4 price: Starts $399, Approx INR 49990.

Tips: One of the best smartwatches to wear or carry around.