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EURAXESS India Science Slam 2018 Winner

You may have a question like what is EURAXESS? If yes, please find its answer over here in brief. It is nothing but an unique pan-European initiative which delivers information and support services to professional researchers.

EURAXESS is backed by the European Union and its Member States across. It is an outstanding initiative, support and service from them for the young researchers across globe.

EURAXESS aims to support researcher mobility and career development while enhancing scientific collaboration between Europe and the world.

You can check EU-India Water Research and Funding initiative.

EURAXESS 2018 Bangalore:

There were five young finalists in EURAXESS 2018 Bangalore. All of them were performed well in their subject niche (SLAM) and had tough time as an individual panel to assess and select one winner among them. Though the entire event was a really fun filled one.

The first stage performance in the EURAXESS 2018 Bangalore was done by Gita Singh. She demonstrated with the example on Super-Capacitor with the Science and Scientific theme. Like, Super-Shaktiman.

The second performance was done by, Viraj, who had spent number of years on researching Cricket vs Spider (without web-spider category). 

His research and categorize the slide was brilliant. Predator vs Prey and vice-versa activities simply outstanding.

The third performance was done by, Nidhi, who had researched well on genetic things. She gave an example to explain it well as it is one of the hardest things to explain in general. Appreciable.

The fourth performance was done by, Prabahan, who had active from the beginning, rhyme, poetic and all mixed in his explanation on Stress and Scientifical reason for it. He was energetic and great in doing so.

The fifth and final performance was done by, Charu, who had begun with some granny and fun. What is molecular and its chain? She explained it well so that a kid also can easily understand it.

In a positive note, all of them performed exceptionally well on this topic. The topic covered almost all including Zoology, Biology, Physiology, technology, deep research and fun.

Winner: EURAXESS 2018 Final winner was Prabahan. We wish all of them equally. 

You would soon find Horizon 2020 and Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions as well.

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