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Vivo V11 Pro smartphone: Hands-on review

Are you looking for the Vivo V11 Pro smartphone's hands-on review and unboxing etc.? If yes, please find them over here. We took time to check and experiment it what is reality in it to furnish here.

First of all thanks to Vivo for the opportunity given us by handing over V11 Pro handset to cross check, examine, review and give the honest feedback to its audience.

Most of them are attracted on this gadget prior to its launch, they added it in their dream list due to brand, attractive small notch and full-view device, its specs and features clip shown on commercial ads etc. beside its Ambassador Aamir Khan.

Post launch, many attracted with its price (Vivo announced its price lesser than what most of them were expected) and hidden features. What are those potential features leaving aside its price as you already knew it.

You can also check V11 Pro specs and features before its review to know complete detail about the device.

Vivo V11 Pro Design:

The design of the phone is great after its earlier version, the mobile phone comes with a small notch and 6.4 inches display that gives the best screen output whether you use it randomly or for a gameplay. 

The material is awesome and the phone has released with two colors, one is starry night blue and the other one is light cream color. It has enough grip to hold upon. Looks like a legend when you hold or use it.

We used this phone in public places, almost all of them are diverted their attention here and asked about this beautiful device as they were eager to know its price and brand etc.

Vivo V11 Pro Processor:

You would have known about the Qualcomm SD660 processor only but in practical we have seen its live performance and have to agree it as it is beyond the expectation even compare to higher range processor. We believe that its rival may come with this processor's series.

Play game as you like, you hardly and rarely feel mild heat that too after several minutes. You can enjoy this device on many reasons. The graphics paired it well.

V11 Pro RAM/ROM: 

The end-user can enjoy this device for 6GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage that matches for huge data storage and speed all together.

It is like a mini-tab cum computer for you beside phone's features added. The internal storage is sufficient what we feel and if not then you can add microSD card up to 256GB as an expandable option.

V11 Pro for Speed Gameplay:

If you are playing unstoppable games day and night then this device is for you. Whether it could be of PubG or Asphalt - doesn't matter. No hangs and no heats.

You can continuously keep it busy with gaming and even many background apps running and using etc.

V11 Pro Camera result:

Whether you shoot videos or photos doesn't matter, it gives the better result in every angle. Picture clarity is what it has. You can get the best low-light result for photos or videos.

The camera has many options like HDR and Bokeh etc. so, you can use it effectively to get the best result of your favorite photos or videos from its camera. It has 4k video recording option as well.

The 25 megapixel front camera can give you many stories. And, 12+5 megapixel rear camera also can give you the life for the images or videos.

Screen-shot is very quick compare to reputed smartphones available.

V11 Pro Audio output:

You can enjoy the video' audio or music's audio well, its sound is crystal clear and original as well. The earphone result is fantastic.

V11 Pro Funtouch OS:

Most of the features are working well and have not seen any draw back or cons from Funtouch operating system but very rare issues of sliding from bottom to top upon screen toggle that stuck once in a while.

Sometime backspace doesn't work at the end of the row, specially while typing in Instagram etc. (Please note,  the latest OS updates from Vivo solved the above said issue. Great). 

V11 Pro Battery: 

The phone comes with 3400mAh battery and we practically used in a long journey including train journey where the battery generally consumes a lot on searching one or the other tower or network reception beside using net connectivity. 

Both the task consumes battery a lot in general from every phone and V11 Pro is better on this compare to others. This phone still gives you one full day battery despite using it on roaming, watching videos and using net together. 

Max 45 minutes is enough to get the phone's battery full by QuickCharger provided within the box.

Vivo V11 Pro Box contains:

Transparent back cover
Warranty card
Quick Guide
SIM ejector
USB Cable

Overall rating for Vivo V11 Pro: 9/10

Ample speed including high-end game. 9/10
Perfect. 9/10
Great. 10/10
Funtouch OS
Simple and superb. 9/10
Crystal clear and real. 9/10
Indisplay fingerprint
Good 9/10
Face unlock
Great. 10/10
Satisfied. 8/10
Good. 9/10
Worth. 10/10
Overall score
We will write its review more once we get an opportunity to do so. Please feel free to add your valuable comment. Thanks for visiting and keep checking other posts as well. And, stay tuned for more updates.