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Geneinno's Trident Underwater Scooter: Features and price

IFA Berlin 2018  has brought forth some outstanding electronic and electrical devices, specially some sort of electronic gadgets. One of them is Geneinno's Trident Underwater Scooter that would go deep down in the sea up to approx 50m or 164ft in an hour or so.

The Trident Underwater Scooter will be available from September 2018 anytime soon and has to register on the Trident Indiegogo Campaign Page. The photo of the Trident Underwater Scooter is given herewith.

If you are interested to know more detail about the Trident Underwater Scooter device then please find them over here.

Trident Underwater Scooter features:

You can ride with this device and can take you around the seas or scuba or swimming pool etc. The device comes with two speeds settings (3.6km/h and 7km/h) to suit the beginners at a touch.

It can run around one hour and record everything underwater with feature of GoPro to watch it later. The device comes with safety lock and has a dual engines with a thrust of 12kgs beside a power of 180/480w.

The underwater scooter can also be used in swimming pools, scuba diving, and water parks etc. other than beaches.

Trident Underwater Scooter price: Approx $299 to $399 

Tips: You can register on the Trident Indiegogo Campaign Page and get some offers or discounts etc.