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iPhone XS smartphone: Launches

Apple has invited Techies and Media for its exclusive product launches on September 12, 2018. Most of them are expecting that Apple may launch latest iPhone for 2018-19 with latest design.

There are news, leaks and speculation all around about iPhone XS phone's arrival beside iPad, Apple TV, MacBook and Smartwatches etc.

Image Courtesy: Venya Geskin

If you are looking for iPhone XS smartphone news then find them over here and we would cover more detail on this very soon.

iPhone XS features and specifications:

The latest smartphones from Apple may come with different pattern as usual or possibly innovative as well and the photo shows that a device is coming in Gold color. 

The iPhone X released in 2017-18 was huge success in the market including its design and many other brands brought the same Top-Notch pattern to their high-end to budget smartphone. So, we can expect something new from Apple this time.

However, as per the leaks, the image available on iPhoneXS seems the latest version of earlier iPhoneX mobile phone and it may have some software updates to enrich the device. iPhone XS price, features and specifications detail will be available here once they are official on or after Sep 12, 2018. 

Not sure about the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus updates this time whether Apple may or may not launch the iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus smartphones in the market.

Apart from this, Apple may bring the new processor and latest iOS for their latest gadgets.

Apple iPhone Xs important dates (unconfirmed):

iPhone Xs launch date, Sep 12, 2018
iPhone Xs pre-order date, Sep 14, 2018
iPhone Xs iOS 12 release date, Sep 19, 2018
iPhone release date, Sep 21, 2018

iPhone Xs Gold color is available all around. Let us its real color when it launches. You can buy iPhone Xs once Apple is officially announce their franchises all around.

Stay tuned, we will update more on Apple products including features and price detail.