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Lenovo Z5 Pro smartphone: Leaks, launches and features

There are leaks, rumors and speculations about the Lenovo Z5 Pro smartphone. There is no official confirmation about this but the device is of Lenovo as per ads seems.

The phone looks pretty and features packed one. The device has pop-up camera with fully bezel-less display. It may or may not be the Lenovo Z5 Pro mobile phone. We got some news earlier about even Lenovo Z5 phone too but no confirmation yet. 

Lenovo owned Motorola has released couple of smartphones including the latest one Motorola One Power phone.

Would you be interested to know when Lenovo Z5 Pro smartphones will be launched? What would be the specs and features etc?

If you are looking for Lenovo Z5 Pro key features, technical specifications, launch date, release date, price, review and other details then we too in the same row. We would definitely update these info once we got an official updates from the brand.

However, so far we got the leaks info about the Lenovo Z5 Pro features are, it would come with sliding camera mechanism, or with top-notch display and dual camera set up. The hint is not over yet.

As we see from the available sources and ads, we can understand that the Lenovo Z5 Pro smartphone might come with sliding camera without the top-notch but full display screen along with potential up to date features.

We would cover all those detail and will share with you in case the brand really launches the above subject gadget.