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Geneinno's Titan underwater driving drone: Features and price

The above subject drone is a different one, it is not a flying drone in the sky but it is an underwater driving drone which can be used in ocean, scuba, swimming pool etc. Surprised? Read it for more detail on this.

The Titan underwater drone from Geneinno is one of the deepest diving drone with the 4K camera for 4 hours which can capture everything in the deep water.

Interested to know more about it. Find some more detail below.

Titan underwater drone features:

The user can use it for diving up to 492ft and extension support, everyone can explore the ocean with possibilities. The other water drones can go up to 328 ft only.

The gadget, precise hovering and high or low angle shot will make the ocean footage to the new level.

This is the Titan, the winner of 2018 red dot awards, the deepest diving drone. The Pioneer records video at a maximum resolution of 1080p/30fps, manages 4K/30fps along with 8-megapixels stills.

This is DJI in the ocean. You can visit its website ( for more detail or watch the video for better understanding of the Titan underwater drone.

Titan underwater drone price: (it will be updates)

Tips: This is one of the best underwater drone to cover as many natural creations in the ocean.

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