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iPhone XS, XR and iPhone XS Max smartphones' launches - leaks and speculation

There are leaks, speculation and unconfirmed news all around and are still going on about the Apple's upcoming and latest iPhones' launch 2018-19. 

Yes, just few hours to go for an official announcement from Apple about their new smartphones, iPad, MacBook and Smartwatch etc.

However, we are trying to publish the right info on latest Apple's iPhones and other gadgets they are about to launch very soon.

The latest leaks says that Apple might launch the iPhone XS, iPhone XC, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max smartphones to arrive along with other Apple gadgets.

Also, we heard that the basic version of the phone will come with 3GB of RAM and will move 4GB onward for the Max version. 

There will be some good news from speculation that Apple may introduce iPhones' with Dual SIM option which is what many Apple fans are looking around the globe.

It is not sure that Apple will launch the iPhone9 the successor of iPhone8 and iPhone8 Plus. In addition to this, Apple may launch the latest MacBook, Apple Smartwatch, Tv and iPad too.

Let us wait and see on this as well as just few hours to go to hear from Apple's launch event in Steve Jobs stadium, USA.

We will try to cover and update the exact info about the latest Apple iPhones and other devices, soon. Stay tuned.