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Microsoft Surface laptops' potential features

We got an opportunity to attend the Microsoft Surface laptop team in Bangalore, India to discuss and learn about the recently launched MS Surface laptops.

We have published about these Surface laptops brief in our earlier post and there could be some more to cover beside those gadgets features which we had learned recently from the meeting at MS office.

(Cloth [Alacantra] keyboard) 

After the discussion with the Surface team, we came to know that technical specification and key features what we have mentioned in our earlier posts on Surface laptop are though reasonably enough to go and experience it but some more incredible features are exists which we haven't covered it yet and learned them from MS. 

Thus, we would like to share those features to its buyers or consumers in order to know how some more potential and in-depth features can use from these surface laptops compare to other brand laptops. 

What are the special features in MS Surface laptops?

In fact, MS surface laptop stand unique among the crowd and it can be paired with its own external hardware devices like pen or Surface Dial or other different brand relevant gadgets to use with Surface as long as the external device software matches the Surface OS, tools and hardware.

The next one is, the user or surrounded people can hear the voice or sound or music from Surface's each key and likewise collectively from entire keyboard (whole keyboard will give better sound result) which is really special.

The third one is, one of the Surface laptop series comes with Alacantra (cloth garment type) keyboard that one can gently wash it in case something went wrong or stain and the clothe keyboard have no space to enter any dust or liquid inside the motherboard area.

The fourth one is, its battery gives better power back-up performance and it can be used more than fifteen hours without charging. It is of course have Intel i5 and i7 processors.

The fifth one is, no heating issue since such advance device comes with hybrid cooling system like fan and liquid features that control the heat once it is about to.

We will cover more features as such about these MS Surface laptops series. So, stay tuned till our next post comes.