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Nokia 5G - Driven miles

Nokia, a reputed brand has taken an initiative on 5G since long. The brand's step toward 5G technology is huge. Their R&D (Research and Development) team has done the best things whatever they can for it as of now.

Nokia or its HMD tie up for smartphones is not only the department that they walks on, Nokia is doing different project other than mobile phone or smartphones category too, like technology, hardware, research and innovation etc.

You can see few recent past articles (anywhere including here) where Nokia has taken massive steps on 5G connectivity and its features, including self drive cars, automated systems and on. Which is almost here.

Nokia showcases 3GPP-compliant Network Exposure Function for 5G Core at Bengaluru Innovation Day.

Nokia R&D center Inauguration and Nokia Innovation Day 2017.

Nokia Innovation Day 2016 Bangalore India.

Nokia launched industry-first Edge Cloud data center solution for the 5G era.

5G ecosystem in India from Nokia and BSNL.

There are many as such steps being taken by the brand.

The "5G is not the future anymore. It is here, and Nokia is leading it. We now have 37 #5G commercial contracts" - Rajeev Suri says.

We got recent updates from them is, SoftBank Corporation has selected Nokia as a strategic partner to drive its commercial 5G offering with Nokia AirScale solution.

Stay tuned. We will update more on Nokia 5G initiative, telecom and tech updates.