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Nokia Innovation Day 2016 Bangalore India

Are you looking for information on Nokia Innovation Day 2016 Bangalore India? If so, here you go. I was unable to publish this one on-time, however, find some of the interesting and latest development of the technology from Nokia (one of the leading Smartphone manufacturer), from Nokia Innovation Day 2016 event held in Bangalore, India.

The world is becoming more urbanized, isn't it? Yes, with exponentially more connected devices. You would have observed them all around about it. For every device connected to the Internet today, 10 more will join it in the near future. This is the current scenario and will improve further soon. 

Through IoT (Internet of Thing) and smart city concepts, we can automate our lives by connecting mobile devices to appliances, lights, roadways and just about everything – a shift that will improve efficiency and enable economic, social and environmental sustainability in India.

In this regard, Nokia is providing specific connectivity solutions, platforms and software, technology, combining automation and intelligence, making IoT a reality for smart cities, smart homes & public safety.  

The Nokia business groups provides mobile and fixed solutions, IT platforms, analytics, security and related service capabilities such as multi-vendor system integration – the company also support end to end services in connected cars, digital health and smart home and integrate partners via our IoT ecosystem program.
At its annual Bangalore Innovation Day on December 14, 2016 Nokia demonstrated how it is making IoT a reality for smart cities, and public safety. The demos showcased how to manage the connectivity of myriad people and things, and how to eliminate “slow and complex” from creating IoT applications - and how it can be done in a secure manner.

These are innovations that leverage:

       In- house build sensors
       IMPACT, MEC platform
       Patented Algorithms by Bell Labs
       End to end Network based solution for trespassing detection

Besides, there were demos from universities and start-up eco-system, and other innovations out of Nokia’s Bangalore Technology Center were showcased.

IoT demos for Smart Cities:

Nokia believes is empowering cities to respond quickly to demographic and economic shifts. Responsive, flexible technology that works for humanity is what makes smart cities “smart”, creating a safer and sustainable environment.  

IoT solutions are designed to provide shared, secure and scalable platform that ensures the best use of urban resources and data to enable the human possibilities of smart, safe and sustainable cities.

Three IoT use cases were demonstrated at the Innovation Day:

1.       Smart Parking- This innovation that offers vehicle tagging to the respective slot and pre- booking. It helps on travel, traffic and driving management.
2.       Video Analytics- that can enhance surveillance capability through identifying intruders and trespassers at a fenced location
3.       Rail Road crossing- A life-saving measure, this innovation can promptly deliver warning message to people in dangerous proximity to a manned or un-manned railway crossing. It can also help authorities enforce penalty for trespassing or violation of railway-crossing rules.

All the solutions uses Nokia IoT Cloud solution called IMPACT platform where in real time data is processed, and meaningful insights are generated through Machine learning algorithms.

5G Autonomous Car.
Nokia’s thought leadership on 5G is well accepted in the industry with various engagements. Nokia believes every industry will be affected by 5G. Network speeds as high as 10Gbps and with extremely low latency are a driving force for new applications that use massive broadband capabilities. 

The 5G will be the platform enabling growth in many industries, ranging from the IT industry to the car, entertainment, agriculture and manufacturing industries. 5G autonomous car use case highlighted the low latency and ultra-reliability aspects of 5G technology.