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How to use Google Images without Copyright issue

Writer sometime would like to use the images (photos) which are already available online but they have concern of copyright issue, yes, Google or owner of the photo might raise the issue of copyrights against it. 

If you have such worries then learn some tips to use Google images without copyright issue. 

You may follow the steps given over here. However, it is always better to click the photo from your camera or smartphone and use for your blog or project which would help you as an original without any concern whether you put hallmark or not.

You need to learn how to use Google photos without copyright issue otherwise. The first publishing of the unique image is always considered as 'original' from the author or copyright holder. 

So, even if someone tried to show smart work from the original image then Search engine will find it as duplicate or copyright by using its various parameters. Whatsoever, there are many images that Google or its owner allow any writer or blogger to "re-use" them without copyright issue. So, you can go with it easily.

Yes, you may check the below steps and tips for using Google images without any copyright issue. 

For any blog post, the reasonable HTML tag, Image tag and Video tag is good for some SEO aspects. They all are depending on the length of the quality content. So, using one or two relevant image of our own or some 're-use' option one doesn't make any issue.

Do not take random images from Google but allowed one. How? For Image, go to Google Advanced setting search for ‘Image’ option (or) use URL given

Type the keyword of the image you are looking for…
After different choices’ selection from different fields, go to “usage rights” field and select “Free to use and share” or “Free to use share and modify” option, search to get the result and use the image without worrying any copyrights or violation. 

You may also add ‘courtesy with image source link’ at the bottom of the photo.

You can also use official images and use them on blog if deemed fit only but just add ‘courtesy’ detail. After all they too needed free promotion for their products.

Do not use the images from elsewhere where commercially they sell them including those are available from Pinterest, Instagram and other similar sources. Do not use some reputed bloggers’ blog images without their permission.

Enjoy blogging.