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7G network using countries

Few countries are still very far from 4G or 5G network / connectivity whereas few countries are already using the ultra fast 7G and 8G network despite 5G is in challenging phase now and the same for 6G. Are you surprised? Read this article for more detail.

If you are eager to know which countries using 7G and 8G ultra fast network, then, please find their info in brief.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS UNCONFIRMED ONE, NO 7G or 8G networks in real - it is just a rumor. The set of parameters, specific requirement and engineering specifications needed for 6G or 7G once 5G is success around the globe.

7G / 8G using countries list? (High Data transmission wise):

The following countries of course are with the fastest speed internet empowered at the moment, though they are not under 7G or 6G.

South Korea: 28.6 Mb/s.

Norway: 23.5 Mb/s.

Sweden: 22.5 Mb/s.

Hong Kong: 21.9 Mb/s.

Switzerland: 21.7 Mb/s.

Finland: 20.5 Mb/s.

Singapore: 20.3 Mb/s.

Japan: 20.2 Mb/s.

Few advanced countries are still far from 5G fast connectivity due to various telecom regulatory and circumstances in their respective region.

Stay tuned for more detail on upcoming fastest network other than 5G network.