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iPhone 13: Launch, specs, price and rumors

After few weeks of the launches of the successive iPhone 12 series, iPhone 13 leaked info, speculation and rumors have begun. You can even find the iPhone 14 (2022) and iPhone 15 (2023) leaked and rumors around quite surprisingly.

Apple had announced iPhone 12 series on October 13, 2020., and later, Apple's Mac Mini, Macbook Air and Macbook Pro 2020 gadgets along with Apple's first ever powerful M1 chipset introduced.

Apple has also introduced New iMac, iPad Pro, iPhone 12 in purple, AirTag and Apple TV 4K recently. So, huge expectation this time from Apple for iPhone 13 or iPhone 14 announcement.

On the other hand, iOS 15 software update is going on right now, so, we can expect its higher version as well.

How about you? Are you looking for iPhone 13 or iPhone 14 announcement from Apple to launch during (upcoming) September or October month as usual. If yes, stay tuned for further update on this.

The portal would update you on iPhone 13 series, their launch date, sale date, price, key features, technical specifications, hands-on, first impression, comparison and review etc. once it is official.

Also, Apple is like to launch iPad Mini 6 and it may or may not be at the same launch time.