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HyperX smart solutions - Work from Home easier...

Here is a list of top three accessories which you can consider to build an ideal work from home setup without burning a hole in your pocket:

As it gets common nowadays that people work and school from home, it’s essential to setup an environment that make people feel comfortable and be productive at home. 

No matter if you are a student, a professional or a gaming enthusiast; everyone understands the importance of having good quality gadgets like laptop, headphones or microphones, speakers, handy at home. 

Especially those who have taken up their passion for content creation, it is important that you choose the right accessory for recording your videos, lights or sound and provide the best quality content to your followers.

Cloud Core 7.1- Cloud Core 7.1 is one of the best headsets in the market. Ideally made for gamers, it comes equipped with virtual 7.1 surround sound, which allows you to listen to the sound of in-game enemies with accurate positional audio. 

With the help of its noise-cancelling mic, Cloud Core allows you to enjoy a clear line of communication with your teammates while you attending a virtual team meeting. The headphone has been built to last for a long time and flaunts premium leatherette and memory foam for a comfortable fit.

Alloy Origins- Alloy Origins is a versatile keyboard that houses custom HyperX switches to give you the best amalgamation of performance, style, and reliability. 

Alloy Origins is designed to rock a portable and compact design for professionals as well as gamers who never settle. Equipped with 100% anti-ghosting, RGB lighting, and game mode, Alloy Origins promises to take your work from home experience to another level.

SoloCast - SoloCast is a perfect choice for influencers and streamers looking for a USB microphone with impressive sound quality. It comes with a flexible and adjustable stand, which compliments multiple setups in a space. 

With its Tap-to-Mute sensor with LED indicator, SoloCast allows a user to know the status of the mic and prevents accidental broadcasting. It has been built to support several devices and platforms to take an edge over its competitors.